Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Time Off!

Yesterday was an interesting day at work. There was buzz around the water cooler all day as to how much time off we would get on Monday. Christmas Eve is a regular work day, but we always get some extra time off. Every time I have worked on Xmas Eve I always felt a little like Bob Cratchet from "A Christmas Carol" hoping that Mr Scrooge would let me take off a little early. Having Christmas on a Tuesday is always an interesting proposition since you're coming off of a weekend, working Xmas Eve (where very little work gets done), and then having Christmas off. We all waited to see what would happen this year.
Early in the morning the boss of the office stopped by to tell me I could take an hour off on Xmas Eve as well as New Years Eve. He was going on 2 weeks vacation and just wanted to let everyone know his wishes ahead of time. That was nice of him! A couple of hours later I got an email from the head of our region in Salt Lake. He authorized us to take 2 hours off on Monday! Score! 2 hours is better than 1! About an hour later I got an email from our Washington DC office. They gave us 3 hours off on Monday! Woohoo! Now we're talking! Since I work a schedule very close to 5-lunch-3, I essentially had a half day off! Just after lunch I heard a commotion in the hallway. There were lots of happy voices out there. What was going on? I checked my email and found a post from the White House. Obama had granted all federal employees a free day on Monday! Most excellent! And before all you Republicans start complaining about how Obama is costing tax payers all this money, I should point out that George W did the same thing for us the last time Xmas Eve fell on a Mon. So now I have a 4-day weekend to enjoy and I don't have to worry about hurrying down to Old Town after work to do my annual fursuiting event.
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