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The FC report

Here it is, the report on the last few days of FC. As I wrote the last entry I was ready to go to Costco to get more party supplies. albear decided he would go with me and wear Plushie Bunny. For a whole bunch of uproarious pix, see his LJ entry. We were allowed to shop but were told not to take more pictures. They must have been watching us like hawks because I got chastised for snapping a final pic while we were waiting in the checkout line. F*** em. I got the pic.

The Furry Variety Show was pretty good. I was the 1st act. They screwed me up by not having anybody backstage at the time to give me a cue. So I botched the first couple of seconds but made a strong comeback. The timing worked out almost perfectly. I also helped out sonicblu with his skit. I missed my timing and knocked over a speaker. *facepaws* Oh well. It was still a great time.

I finally have conbadges! Whoot! My Marci badge is incredible! (would you expect different?) I also got a nice one from Caribou and a kyoote one from dogzrbarkin. I'll have to make icons from them.

We had some high-tension furry drama at one of our room parties. The infamous Sibe showed up and was confronted by Nexxus who runs Furnation. Sibe was just about to get his head caved in when dexter_fox jumped up and broke it up. A few minutes later con security showed up looking for Sibe who was running around the stairwells. Since I don't follow the furry art scene that closely, I was not aware of the whole situation. *shrug* The party then continued.

The critter-lympics was a pretty good time. I got knocked out of the musical chairs competition fairly early, but I made a nice dramatic exit.

I didn't get a single piece of art in the auction since they scheduled fursuiting events when bidding closed and when the auction occurred. *grump* I DID, however, win an item in the charity auction. Yours truly will be appearing in the "Suburban Jungle" in the near future.

Sunday night dinner at Fuddruckers was a blast. There were about 12 of us that made the drive.

The drive home was uneventful. No yarfing. No bad weather. Just a little time to decompress from 5 days of furry goodness. tenax and I spent Mon. night in Willimas, AZ. I called in sick on Tue. And now here I sit with a mild case of PCD. Mostly it's just the stress of coming back to the office with a major report looming on the horizon, and zero motivation to do it. I'll have to get my tail into gear.

And now the complete summary of folks I want to mention because you all rock and I am happy to have you as friends.

The roommates: albear, dexter_fox, lonefoxx, saharalion, tekfox, tenax, scruff_e_coyote. With honorable mention to sonicblu and furitz

People who regularly showed up at our room or made an appearance at the room party:
firefoxkac: Sexeh! *wink*
quentincoyote: Dude! We sooo have to party at AC.
luphinus: Thanks for all of the help with fursuiting. (and the skritches)
tigerman: You were one of the most awesome furs I met at the con *hugs*
rockwolf: I hope that pic of you looking like Private Pyle from "Full Metal Jacket" gets posted somewhere. And I'm still mad I missed out on the freaky gay butt sex that supposidly happened somewhere *grin*
freakylynx: It was a ton of fun to finally meet you and yerf with ya.
sashapup: I was happy I was able to give you skritches in your sexeh husky outfit.
wipeout_ut: I had wanted to yerf with ya more, but it was nice to be able to skritch ya at the Critter-lympics
badjahsensei: Like 2 ships that constantly kept passing in the night. At least I was able to get that bottle of cognac to you. Enjoy!
innerwolf: You missed out on the homebrew again! Maybe AC.
bradhound: Warm hugs and skritches in the lobby. Murrrrrrr.
thrashbear: It was wonderful to see you again. Thanks for stopping by and introducing me to a few of your other friends.
ysengrin: I LOVED your werewolf suit. It was great to skritch ya before the fursuit parade. I wish we would have had some time to yerf while not in suit.

I'm sure I'm forgetting one or two folks, and I apologize if I left you out. In closing, I just want to say that the cons just keep getting better and better, and I am looking forward to AC.
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