Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

"A Christmas Story 2"

Against my better judgement I added this film to our Netflix queue. The reason was twofold; 1) There was "the furry factor" in there was a picture of Ralphie in a reindeer suit, and 2) there was a "train wreck factor" in that I wanted to see just how bad a movie could be. Let's just say that the movie met my expectations. The one thought that went through my mind after watching this thing was "that was THE most unnecessary sequel ever made." If you're going to do a sequel, at least bring back the original actors who brought the lovable characters to life in the 1st place. Why were Home Alone 3 & 4 such shit? Because Macaulay Culkin was already a big star and wanted nothing to do with milking a dry cow.

One thing that really pissed me off about the movie was that it tried to recreate little bits of scenes found in the original. To me that's like tracing art. I cringed every time they brought back original dialogue or tried to re-do scenes in some sort of updated fashion. There's a new gift from Aunt Clara that's just horrible but this time it goes to Randy. Wow! Original! The only points the movie gets IS for the furry factor. The open-faced reindeer suit was incredibly cute. Just like the pink bunny suit...DO WANT! Yeah yeah. I'm a furfag.

An interesting note about the movie was that it was produced and directed by Brian Levant who brought us some other wonderful "masterpieces" such as "Jingle All the Way," "Problem Child 2 & 3," and "Beethoven." It should also be noted that he also directed episodes of "Happy Days." His tenure started with the (in)famous episodes of Fonzie in Hollywood which gave us the phrase "jumping the shark" which refers to any t.v. show which has outlived is relevance and has resorted to absurdity to try to keep viewers i.e. the creativity bank has been overdrawn.
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