Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

"Boardwalk Empire"

Kitty and I are completely hooked on the HBO series of the subject line. I love stories about the rise of gangsters and organized crime and how things really haven't changed especially in regards to Prohibition. Just replace the word "alcohol" with "drugs" and you see that we're still living in 1920. People will always have their vices and it doesn't matter if they're legal or not. The only difference is that if they're illegal, there will be a lot more money to be made from them.

We just finished season 2 last night and I got a rather pleasant shock. One character was trying to start a new life and was being shown an apartment. The landlady was describing the neighborhood and asked if he and his baby's nanny were church-going people. They say yes and are then told about the local church just down the street; Our Lady of Czestochowa. My ears perked up because that was the church I went to as a child and my mother is still very actively involved in. He pays the landlady the rent and she tells him, "Welcome to Cicero!" Wow! They just brought my hometown into the series! (at least fictitiously). This should actually not be a surprise. My home town was famous for housing Al Capone's operation for a time when he was booted out of Chicago. In fact his sister was married in the church. As a boy I was told that 5 holes in the shape of a cross found in the back of the alter were made by Al using a gun after the wedding. Ah, myths. I may have to pry some stories out of my mom but supposedly some bootleggers/wiseguys had approached my grandfather about using his store to hide hooch.

It will be interesting to see where season 3 leads. I think it just finished airing or soon will finish on HBO. Then I just have to wait for the dvds to be released. It's mighty fine television!
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