Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Museum Fail and Win

Yesterday Al Bear and myself were wondering what to do. One idea was to go see the Space Shuttle at the Science Center. We went online to see what the cost would be and were met by a very vague page. It made it sound like the shuttle was included in the admission, but then made it sound like you needed a ticket. Then it suggested that the ticket was free, but if you asked for one online, they would charge you a $4 "service fee." Every time you wanted to find out about shuttle tickets, you were always directed to an upsale page where you could purchase tickets for an IMAX movie about the shuttle. No thanks.

Later in the day while we were out shopping I noticed banners for a Stanley Kubrick exhibit at the Museum of Art. Since I love his movies I thought that would be a great thing to see. I went online to see more info about the exhibit and found out that you needed special tickets to see it. The tickets were free, but the only ones available for the day were good for an hour later. There were no tickets available for the next day. Fail!

We ended up going to the Nethercutt Museum in nearby Sylmar. WIN! It was an awesome automobile museum, and best of was free! The collection they had was just incredible. I have never seen so many immaculately restored classic vehicles. If you are a motorhead (and I'm definitely not) you must check this place out! It was amazing how many automobile manufacturers there were especially in the early days of the horseless carriage. It was also eye-opening to see cars selling for $10,000 to $20,000 back in the 1910's and 1920's. Al used an inflation calculator to find out what that car would cost in today's dollars. Oh, about $300,000! I think all of the cars were in working condition. Several had notes that they had appeared in Rose Parades in the past.

I should also mention that they also had a restored Hudson-class locomotive on the grounds as well. I should also mention that Al and I blew it when we discovered after we got home that we had only seen half of the collection. There was a whole other wing across the street! Here are a few pics.



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