Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Journey Home

Tonight I'm in Williams, AZ. Al, Dex, and I left San Jose around 7 and were at The Domain just after noon. After goodbye hugs I was on my way to get as far east as possible. I put in about 7 hours when I decided to call it quits for the day. This is the 1st time we all traveled to the con together. The little extra drive down to LA only added an hour or 2 to my overall journey. If nothing else it was a little change of pace. This was the 10th time I had made this drive!

Yesterday was a good day at the con. I got a really good vibe just hanging out in front of the hotel chatting with folks. It was great seeing so many fursuiters out there entertaining the public. It made me want to run upstairs and put on Nevada, but my heart wasn't 100% into that. I went into "con on your own terms" mode which put me back in a happy spot. I had to do that again later as I decided it was much better to just have a beer in the room and watch the playoff games than hang out in the lobby. *shrugs* I had a good time so that's all that mattered.

Later we watched the online broadcast of the furry variety show. It's not exactly FCTV of the days of old at the Doubletree, but a very good facsimile. I think the best comment in the room all night was, "There have been variety shows now for over 10 years. Why haven't they gotten any better?!?" There were a few good acts and a lot more mediocre ones. Someone really needs to put on the panel "Putting on a good fursuit sketch" again. The same mistakes are made year after year after year. It was a lot of fun MST3K'ing the whole thing as well as reading all of the real-time tweets and comments.

So tomorrow I finish my drive and then re-enter that awful place called "reality." I have no other travel plans between now and Christmas. Hopefully there will be several short trips somewhere between now and then. We'll have to see about RMFC.
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