Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Pouncing a Yote

Yesterday on walkies I noticed Mesa was staring intently off into the distance. I tried to follow his gaze but couldn't see what he was looking at. Finally I saw some movement. It was a coyote. I noticed that the yote didn't see overly concerned that we were walking right toward it. I then noticed the wind was in my face and therefore we were downwind of it. It trotted off behind a small rise, but the road lead around right to where the yote would end up. As we came around the hill I started looking for it, but once again it was so well camouflaged by the vegetation that I didn't see it until we were less than 50' away. Like the one I saw a couple of months ago it was one of the sorriest looking specimens of canis latrans I have seen. I gave my usual yell of "Yotie-o!" and the chase was on. Mesa was on it in a heartbeat. I then noticed there were 2 of them, but they were both thin and scraggly. Usually when Mesa gives chase to a jackrabbit you can see the critter engage the afterburner which leaves Mesa in the dust. Not this time. After a few hundred feet Mesa caught up to it and pounced it. There was much growling and snarling as Mesa tackled it. Dust flew and the yote was off again after recovering. Mesa gave chase again but didn't follow too much farther.

I really have a love/hate relationship with the yotes around here (probably more love than hate). I really feel sorry for them especially now that several hundred acres of their habitat are being bulldozed. On the other paw they are one of the most adaptable species so that urban/suburban areas ARE their habitat. I guess I just want them to keep their distance from my den because of the 3 cats. Perhaps I would think a little differently we didn't have the fuzzballs, but we do. As I have posted before I have seen them walking boldly down the sidewalk on a few occasions. I will be happy to share the neighborhood with them as long as they stay away from the kitties in my yard.
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