Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Oscar-nominated Short-subject

Yesterday was our annual outing to the local art-house theater to see all of the short films nominated for an Oscar. As I have posted in the past, I REALLY love this category because you usually get to see really good films where everything great about film is packed into a nice tight little 20-30 minute package. Here are my reviews:

"Asad" (S. Africa) - A boy must choose between becoming a Somali pirate or a fisherman. A really nice story with a funny surprise ending. I liked it a lot, but it probably won't win.

"Buzkashi Boys" (Afghanistan) - Two boys dream about becoming famous in the sport of buzhashi (think of it as football/soccer on horseback where the "ball" is a dead goat). An interesting look into the life in Kabul, but the plot really is nothing new. We have seen the story of 2 boys from poor areas where one grows up to be a gangster and the other becomes a cop/sports star so many times. This has a slightly different twist, but it's really more of the same. It was just o.k.

"Curfew" (US) - A loser druggie finds a new lease on life through his niece. I wasn't sure about this movie while watching it, but it has sunk in to the point where I now think it has the best shot to win. It also has the bias of being an American entry.

"Death of a Shadow" (Belgium) - A man travels through time to photograph shadows of people at the moment of their deaths. I called this one "Steampunk Twilight Zone." It was visually stunning with high production values, but the plot was just so convoluted. It sure was pretty to watch, though.

"Henry" (Canada) - A man with Alzheimer's goes in and out of memory. This was definitely a tear-jerker. It had the most emotional impact of all of the films, and if "Curfew" doesn't win, I hope this one does.
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