Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Oscar-nominated Short Documentaries

It was back to the local art-house theater again last night to see the nominees for short documentaries. It was a 3+ hour marathon, but well worth the time. Here are the nominees:

"Kings Point" - Love, life, and death at a Florida retirement community. I probably wouldn't have liked it as much if it didn't strike a cord with me because my mom is getting to "that age" and her concerns were voiced by people living there. A good film, but nothing great.

"Redemption" - A look at the underground economy of the people that collect bottles and cans in New York City. Interesting, but a great documentary needs closure. This was just a collection of stories of people who are down on their luck.

"Inocente" - The story of a homeless teen in San Diego who wants to be an artist. This story was at least gripping. I'm not sure how good her art is and I sometimes had as issue with the clothes and makeup she was wearing especially since she is supposed to be homeless. Since MTV had a hand in this I wondered about its full authenticity. *shrugs* At least it was interesting and some of her art had a furry flavor.

"Mondays at Racine" - A beauty parlor becomes part of a support network for women undergoing breast cancer treatment. It was very well done, but I'm starting to suffer from pink ribbon fatigue. Breast cancer is a disease. It sucks. It sometimes kills you. We have heard this over and over and over. If Hollywood hasn't had enough of the pink Kool Aid, it might win.

"Open Heart" - Children with heart disease in Rwanda are given a new lease on life thanks to a hospital in Sudan. I think this has the best shot at winning unless Hollywood has had enough of poor-3rd-world-kids-in-the-hospital movies. Remember last year the winner was about reconstructing little girls' faces that were mutilated by terrorists.

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