Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

I just wanted to comment about the "Cruise from Hell" which was all over the media last week. I am a cruising veteran with 3 under my belt with another one planned for Dec. Two of those cruises were on Carnival. Yes, they are the Walmart of cruise lines, especially their short cruises. I doubt that I would ever sail with them again just because I don't like the "fun ship" attitude. I like a little more upscale experience.

I have to believe that the media did their usual shenanigans and sought out the most drama-filled people to interview. I read some great comments online especially ones along the lines of, "so you have little food, live in filthy conditions, and have very limited power. You are now living like 80% of the world's population!" Granted, when you're on vacation you expect to relax and have a fun time not experience a third-world social studies lesson. Pooping in a plastic bag and not having food might be fun to a few people out there, but if you're paying money for one experience and not receiving services that were promised, then that's a problem. Carnival, however, seemed to really be stepping up to the plate by offering a full refund, a free cruise in the future, and $500 cash. It seems like they are truly trying to make things right. That's always my biggest concern when I receive sub-par service. What are you going to do to make things right? That's why I am still extremely pissed at the FC Hitlon. Your staff was condescending and insulting to me, I complained, and they ended up paying me lip service. No. Wrong. That's a reason why people hate airlines so much. Oh, you're trapped in the airport because we cancelled a flight. Too bad for you! I personally don't care if it's weather related or what. Do something for me if you're not providing the service I paid for! They use the excuse that they will eventually get you there which is what you are really paying for, but I think that should also include getting you there in a reasonable amount of time. Once again, you might inconvenience me, but if you make an effort to make things right in some way, that will go a long way in customer relations. How about a few drink coupons? How about a discount on a later flight? Free wi-fi? Something! Kitty and I had a harrowing experience coming home from AC once. After running back and forth through the Atlanta terminal we were pissed. A simple upgrade to first class took care of any ill will.

Then again, seeing the reaction of some of the people on the ill-fated cruise, you see that sometimes there is just no pleasing people. It's much easier to be the drama queen or the inconsolable asshole. I have seen my fair share of that when traveling. I have seen a businessman throw a shit fit because the flight was cancelled. He was put on a flight which left a couple hours later, but he would miss his important meeting. The new flight was in another terminal so he demanded that they get a limo to take him there. There was no way he was going to take a bus the few hundred yards from one terminal to the next! If a limo wasn't available he demanded a rental car. I'm listening to this with my eyes crossing from the stupidity. So I know there are a lot of people out there who feel the world revolves around them. I've traveled enough to know that you have to roll with the punches. Shit does happen. You have to plan ahead and be self-sufficient to some degree. The best interview I heard from the ship was a guy who shrugged it off saying that he had a nice 3-day cruise and then a 5-day camping adventure. That's the right attitude to have especially if you see that the company is truly doing everything in its power to make the best out of a bad situation.
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