Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

SNL Memories

I am amazed at what gets saved in your brain memory. I was thinking about some of my earliest t.v. memories and I kept coming back to an episode of Saturday Night Live where David Bowie was the musical guest. It must have been very impressionable to a young mind at the time. My knowledge of music was very limited since I was just a 14-year old kid. We're talking the era where my main source for music was AM pop radio. Geez. I sound like an Everclear song. *chuckles* DJ's never announced who was singing a song or even the title of the song. Bowie almost never got played since he wouldn't have a Top 40 hit for another few years when "Let's Dance" came out. It would be another year or so before I really discovered the FM band. I had only a slight idea who the hell David Bowie was, but his performance was certainly mind-blowing for a little mind like mine. I did an online search for the episode and finally found it. It was just as I had remembered it! Not bad for 34 years!
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