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I just thought that was a clever title. I guess maybe I am a little confused and lethargic. *shrugs* I know I am when it comes to my volunteer work. I used to volunteer every Sat and Sun. I then realized that I was burning the candle at both ends. Waking up at 5:45a every day was slowly killing me. I didn't go camping a single time last Summer. While I felt good that I was helping out and "putting my furry where my mouth was" so to speak, I was also spreading myself pretty thin. Also, a year ago I still had only a handful of friends. Boy, has that sure changed. Even if 90% are still just online furiends whom I meet just a few times a year, I would rather chat with them online, yerf with them on the phone, or, on the rare occasion, hang out with them IRL. Of course if the chance to fursuit pops up, I will be all over it like a fanboi on a free ham sandwich.

So once again it is time to shift priorities. I officially offered my fursuiting services to Animal Humane yesterday. Hopefully I will fill up my schedule with specific gigs as opposed to coming in every Sunday morning to help out with the critters. While I kinda enjoyed it, it was getting hard to keep up a happy face, especially when I was doing the job that the paid staff would have been doing. I don't mind freeing up their time to devote more time to the critters, but I also saw some goofing off which I realized was being paid for by my presence. I also want to keep helping out at Wildlife West, but as stoda already realized, they can be a pretty clique-y bunch, and I hate to drive 45 minutes each way every Sat only to be shuffled around because management is unorganized. I saw in the paper yesterday that they are still serious about building a bear enclosure. I just wish that they would ask me to help out instead of me asking them. To me that is bass ackwards.

O.K. This wasn't supposed to turn into a mini-rant. This was supposed to be about me hosting a Super Bowl party at my den today for any of my co-workers that were interested. This is the 4th time I've done this. It used to be a bigger event when there were younger, hipper people in the office. Most of the folks that are my age, that have not taken jobs elsewhere, have become pretty snobbish and fucked in the head IMHO. Probably because they start to have spawn and don't want to hang out with those single folks, especially weird furries. Gah! I'm ranting again! O.K. I'll shut up. Thanks to all that commented yesterday. Love y'all. You keep me going and doing the happy bear dance.
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