Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Movie Time

Just a couple of reviews of a few films we recently saw on Netflix. The first one was "Zabriskie Point." I had heard of this movie before, but didn't have an interest until I heard that Pink Floyd had been asked to do the soundtrack. One of the songs that was cut eventually found its way onto "Dark Side of the Moon." Some called the movie a masterpiece while others called it a huge, steaming pile. I'll vote for the latter. While it does capture the feelings of the time (that time being the late 60's/early 70's) it's what I would classify as a typical artsy fartsy foreign film. I call it a foreign film because it was one of only 2 English films from an Italian director. It lost a ton of money when it was released to theaters. The most famous scene, however, is pretty cool. They re-created a house in the AZ desert and then blew it up. What took a couple of months to build (at a cost of about $100K) was destroyed in 10 seconds. The end result, however, is noteworthy. Add in music from Floyd, and it's wonderfully surreal.

I should also mention the sex scene in the movie. It's another reason why I call it a typical artsy fartsy movie. A couple has sex in the desert at the title location in Death Valley. Soon they are surround by dozens of naked people all doing "it" on the brightly colored sediments. I'm sure you can find a link on YouTube.

We also watched the latest installment in the "Ice Age" series. It has funny talking animals so it gets furry points. My ultimate review, however, is that the series needs to end. It has jumped the shark of relevancy. Also my geo-bear side was cringing at their version of plate tectonics.

I'll also throw out that we watched a "documentary" called "Vegucation" about living a vegan lifestyle. It was nothing more than propaganda about how eating animals and animal products is bad. Of course they had to resort to "but you're killing cute little animals!" I guess soy is also something that magically appears and has zero impact to the environment.
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