Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Now THAT'S Good Hooch!

I went to Costco yesterday to get supplies for next weekend's St Patty's Day furmeet. I picked up some Smithwick's, Jameson's, and Bailey's. While walking around the liquor section I noticed the display case full of the top-shelf stuff. My jaw dropped when I saw that they now carry a $2100 bottle of cognac. It still doesn't beat the $6000 bottle of whiskey I saw in a duty-free shop in Johannesburg. I should also mention that I picked up 12lbs of corned beef for the party. Woohoo!

Our day of liquor shopping was not over, however. We headed over to a new liquor store that just opened up in an old Border's. Had I not been to Bevmo before, I would have been impressed. It's just a giant liquor store with a great selection. The prices were comparable to a little bit more than Costco. I know it's going to kill a nearby store that has been the only game in town for years. Scritch and I were impressed that they were passing out bourbon samples. I got a nice buzz in a matter of minutes.
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