Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Taxes - 2013 Entry

Every year about this time I usually post some sort of bitchfest about taxes. I don't mind paying them per se because our various governments have to be funded in some way. It truly is a necessary "evil." I don't like my hard-earned money going to welfare layabouts, but I do enjoy our parks, libraries, streets, etc that are part of our way of life. I've been to China, Guatemala, Zambia, etc. so I appreciate all that we do have.

Last year I tried Turbo Tax since I got suckered into their "free" service. Oh! you make more than X, you have to pay! Oh! You want to do a little more? Pay more! In the end I found myself spending about as much time as I did using the fillable .pdf files available from the IRS. You have to know what you are doing (as well as having to do your own math), but you can read the IRS instructions just as easily as using the prompts the program supplies. So I dove into the forms last weekend and found it pretty painless. My brokerage sent me a form with revised numbers, so I had to re-do a few numbers. It was a good thing I took a second look at things. At first I thought I had pretty much broke even in terms of what I owed. I then noticed that I had used a wrong number in one of the calculations. I now ended up owing a few hundred dollars. Ow. Oh well. Better to find out now than getting a nastygram from the IRS later.

I then dove into my state taxes and found out that I owed them as well. They finally closed a loophole that I had been exploiting for years. They had allowed you to just use your itemized deductions as your deductions on your state taxes. It seemed odd to me since part of my itemized deductions WAS my state taxes. Circular logic! They now make you subtract out the state tax portion. D'oh!

So, once again, I can't complain. I live in a great country and can afford to do so comfortably. I don't ask for much and am trying to keep my needs simple. If I can afford a con or 2, perhaps a cruise or other vacation now or then, some good booze, and food in the fridge, I'll be a happy bear.
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