Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


Last night Kitty decided to treat me to a sushi dinner. I figured we would be heading home around sunset so I suggested we swing past the house to pick up the binoculars. Comet PanSTARRS was supposed to be visible in the western sky just after sunset. I suggested we head to the far west end of town so there would be no city lights to ruin the view. We ended up at the municipal airport where there are unimpaired views to the western horizon. I even brought my compass because it was supposed to be almost due west.

At first I only saw a jet trail and joked, "Ooooo! Comet Contrail!" Then I saw another shorter trail. Wait. That was it! Holy crap! It was gorgeous! Since it was so closely following the setting sun, it was essentially back-lit. It was like looking at a negative. The sky was almost perfectly clear except for a few wispy clouds, so you had this beautiful black comet with a pastel blue/orange/pink background. Note: it is VERY faint with the naked eye, but with binos it's fantastic. I might climb the mesa tonight to see if I can see it from there. If it's too low to the horizon it might be blocked by the volcanoes. If I'm able to get a pic I'll definitely post it. Here's the viewing info
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