Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

St Patty's Day Furmeet

I must say that last night's furmeet was yet another unqualified success! Looking back at last year's post, I see that it was a copy/paste of the previous year's post. So once again this year's post will be a copy/paste of the previous 2 years! There was much drinking and happiness. A few new people showed up including a teenager who just discovered the fandom and whipped up a damn good looking fursuit in just a matter of days. I paced my alcohol consumption quite well and lasted until the end of the party. The only time I crashed in bed for a few minutes was due to just shear exhaustion and not drunkenness. The 12 pounds of corned beef I had cooked was completely nom'd. We also have some awesome furs in this state who bring tasty treats to the meets. The weather also cooperated for most of the evening so the party focused outside until the winds kicked up. It was great fun to see people get more and more "happy" as the party wore on. I also had a great time experiencing "whipped cream bukake." *lol* I should also mention that Costco coffee from Rwanda is damn tasty! We went through 3 pots to make Irish coffee. Good times!
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