Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Hoppy Easter!

It's been a nice weekend so far at FurCentral. It has been some time since we have hosted a fur on a cross-country road trip, but this weekend we hosted electropaw as he made his way from Illinois to Arizona. He arrived late Friday evening so there wasn't a lot of time to socialize. On Saturday we took him down to Old Town so that he could play tourista. I took him on walkies with Mesa and me later in the afternoon and he introduced me to geocaching. On a whim he checked a geocahing website and found that we were within 100' of one. I found it! It was funny to think how many times I had walked right past it. We both laughed when he Twitted that we found it and instantly got a reply from wildfox34. Talk about a geocaching junkie! We tried to find another one nearby but couldn't locate it.

Kitty and I then threw an impromptu furmeet in EP's honor. It says something about how we have such a great local community when we had 16 people show up with less than 12 hours notice. Perhaps it had something to do with me promising steak on the grill. *lol*

I'll leave you with this pic taken a few days ago. Some friends wanted a pic with their son and the Easter Bunny. They didn't like the mall bunny, so I did a stand-in for EB.

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