Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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Begone Foul Crud!

I'm feeling a whole lot better today. Thanks to all for the well wishes. I still have a slight runny nose, but it's nowhere near as bad as yesterday.

The FC goodness just keeps on coming. Welcome czar_wolfhound to my little world. We met oh-so-briefly at my room party. We had a nice brief chat last night.

I suppose I should also formally welcome rakhan and pippinbear whom I met for the 1st time at the con in the fursuit lounge. Wonderful fursuits!

And a big hello to overzen whom I met during the Critterlympics. He was a raccoon in our bear/coon team. I didn't know he had come to the con with wipeout_ut. We barely had time to yerf. Oh well. That's the con way. You meet new friends for a few minutes and then you hopefully build the relationship until to the next con/meet.

Thanks to sashapup for today's uber-kyoote icon. He posted a bunch in his LJ a few days ago.
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