Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Geocaching Fail

Yesterday we decided to take electropaw up to Santa Fe for the day. We had no plans but just figured it would be a nice drive. As we were walking towards the Plaza I joked that we should see if there were any geocaches nearby. Of course there was one about a block away. We searched and searched but came up with nothing. There was another one just a little ways away, but we were skunked once again. After a little more walking and a nice lunch we decided to head back to the car. Wait! There was another cache on the way! Nothing.

Back at FurCentral EP suited up in his yote and we went to the top of the mesa for some pics. I'll let him post the pics on his own LJ, but if he doesn't, I suppose I could post one or 2. They were just too cute.

After EP de-suited we took Mesa for walkies. It gave EP an opportunity to sign the log on the cache we had found the day before. We then decided to try to find a couple more caches nearby. The first one we went to was right in the middle of the construction that has been going on up on the mesa. The GPS led him right to a pile of freshly blown up dirt/rock. We then tried our luck with another one not too far away. This one was safely within the boundaries of the national monument. Unfortunately we got shut out again. EP was so hardcore that he kept looking with his cellphone's flashlight app after the sun had set. I might have to go back there with my own GPS to see if I have any better luck. I can see how geocaching could be a fun little thing, but it just seems that the odds are against the finder especially in an urban area. The sites we looked for in Santa Fe were in very well traveled and maintained areas. How do you conceal something small that will not be mistaken for garbage or something valuable while also making it possible to be eventually seen/found? Maybe I just need to invite wildfox34 and quasiskunk out here to show me how it's done.
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