Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Media Time

I gave my annual presentation to the public yesterday regarding the outlook for our rivers and reservoirs this year. It was yet another tale of gloom and doom. Since everyone knows we're in a severe drought, the meeting room was filled to capacity with concerned citizens and the media. I was actually nervous at first because I was told by management to just stick to the facts and not make any comments which could be misconstrued. Last year I made my famous comment, "Things are really gonna suck!" This year I tried my best to avoid any color commentary, but at one point I mentioned that this was our 3rd straight year of drought and mother nature was really kicking us while we were down. I was told that at that statement the reporters' pens started flying. So while some managers thanked me and congratulated me for a job well done, my supervisor had to chime up that I didn't stick just to the facts and made those extra comments. Yeah yeah. Blow me.

I checked the paper this morning and there is no quote from me. The only quotes are from my supervisor who talked with the reporter afterwards. I was just told by a co-worker, however, that my name was used in a report from our local radio station. It was nothing bad, just the facts. And the fact remains that things are really gonna suck!
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