Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Fursuiting Fail!

A few weeks ago I was asked to perform as Otto Otter at a Children's Water Fiesta. I have been doing these gigs for years now, but I noticed a scheduling conflict. I had 2 very important meetings on the 2 days of the festivals (see yesterday's post for one of the meetings). I told the contact person that I would be unavailable. Our new contact person in the office has lots of enthusiasm but tends to be a bit spacey. He asked if he could borrow Otto and have someone else perform. Now my outer self just smiled and said that it was probably a bad idea. My inner self, however, became Gollum and hissed, "No one touches the Precioussss!" Seeing that it is not my personal suit, however, I had to go along with the idea that someone else could perform in it. Nothing was really decided.

Fast forward to Tuesday when I walk into my office and find Otto's critter coffin missing with a note saying that he is going to the water fiesta. To say that I was a bit miffed would be an understatement. I was fuming because whoever would be in the suit would have had zero experience. Not only was I concerned about the suit but also about the safety of the performer. Would the person pop his top in front of the kids? Would he/she talk? Would they know anything about the care of the suit? Would they know about hydration and heat exhaustion?

Yesterday the suit reappeared in my office. I was expecting to find a sweaty mess in the critter coffin, but was pleasantly surprised to find a dry suit that pretty much smelled like the way I had left it after I had dried it out and Febreezed it after my last performance months ago. OK. So he probably took the suit to the festival but couldn't find anyone to wear it. Cool!

About an hour later he shows up in my office with a glazed look in his eyes. He tells me he doesn't know how I do it. It turns out that he DID put on the suit just to say goodbye to all the kids as they boarded their buses. Instantly he experienced the the heat. Instantly he found himself with about 10% of his vision. Instantly he was mobbed by kids who had not built up any sort of repertoire with him until that moment. He was punched, kicked, tail pulled, and nearly beheaded. In all he said he was in suit for about 5 minutes. Lesson learned! I think from now on there shall be one performer as Otto; yours truly.
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