Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A New Era

I'm sitting at home right now watching the drama unfold outside of Boston on tv where it appears that the second bombing suspect is surrounded and either dead or dying. I am totally blown away at how technology is being used to bring the story to us. It appears that the suspect is hiding in a boat that is stored in someone's yard. Boom! Here's a picture of the boat in the yard courtesy of Google Earth. Boom! Here's an aerial shot of the boat in the yard also courtesy of Google. This is friggin' amazing. I know the images on Google are not always up to date, but it's just amazing that we can instantly pull down pics of places where "action" is happening. I'm guilty of that myself. The other day I was looking at Street View images of West, TX where the fertilizer plant exploded. I saw the plant, the nursing home, and the devastated apartment complex and was able to put everything into context immediately. I suppose one of the bad things about all of this technology is that if I ever decided to "go postal" and become the center of media attention, thipher_84 will get a lot of attention because it's HIS pickup parked in my driveway on Google Street View. He was housesitting for us at the time.
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