Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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Memory Lane

I mentioned in a post last month that there will be a lot of 10-year anniversaries for me this year because 2003 was a year when I jumped into the deep end of the furry fandom with all four paws. To say that it was an influential year would be an understatement. I was completely under the drug of "furry love." I had truly found a home. I was looking for passion in my life, and I certainly found it. At the same time I was not sure what I was getting involved in. Did I really want to be associated with all of these freaks and geeks?!? Just how deep did this rabbit hole go, and did I really want to find out what was at the bottom? This was the era of "Sex2K" and the (in)famous Vanity Fair article. Would I be ostracized? Would I be labeled as a pedo or a zoo? What was I getting myself into?!?

On April 25, 2003 I took a huge leap and attended my first con. It would be the last Confurence and I watched it die in flames. BUT IT WAS MY FIRST CON! I had taken the train from ABQ and arrived in LA in the morning. I rented a car and drove up to Burbank. I got to the hotel and things were pretty much dead. I called up dexter_fox and he arrived a short time later. It was the first time we had met face to face. We went out to lunch at Chevy's Mexican Restaurant and decided what to do. We went back to the hotel and were pounced by albear who I had just met online the week before. Who could have predicted that 10 years later Al and Dex would be married and living less than 5 miles from that hotel!

I suited up in Sabot which I had just received a few weeks earlier. Al suited as well and the bears hit con space. Things were still pretty much dead, but it was a magical experience for me. Later I would meet scruff_e_coyote who paid me the biggest compliment when he was surprised that this was my first fursuit outing since I seemed like such a natural. I also met Stalking Cat for the first time which was purely by accident as I had described in an earlier post.

This was also the con where "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and "The Man Show" were allowed to film (much to the chagrin of many attendees). Me? I was a big fan of Kimmel so I was happy to appear in the bit. For those of you that never saw it...

I got to meet a long-time hero of mine at the con which ended badly. Back in the 80's my anthropomorphic desires were satisfied through comic books. One of the most influential books was "Albedo" which was my absolute favorite. I thought it would have been so cool to meet Steve Gallachi because I absolutely loved his work. I finally got a chance to meet him at the con! Holy shit! After 20 years I finally get to meet him! I started chatting with him at his table and he pretty much blew me off. I tried not to fanboi but just have a conversation about the 80's comic scene and how influential it was to me. Yeah. Nothing. So that was a letdown.

Overall it was a pretty good con experience. I had a major emo moment in the hotel room, but fortunately I was rescued by Albear and Single Speed Cheetah. It was a small con which could have spelled disaster, but I felt welcomed by the SoCal group.

So here are a few pics from the con. I didn't have an LJ yet (that was still a month away) so there was no post about my experience.

Let's play name the suiters!

crosscheck_fox was that you?!?

A classic con moment for me. scruff_e_coyote was in top form as he performed as a cartoon yotie trying to capture a squirrel. It was brilliant!

One of my "Oh shit! What is this fandom all about?!?" moments. I later learned that Keeshor (sp) Wolf was actually a really fun guy. Yeah. I'm home.

One of my first "schticks" was playing a bear rug. I still get a kick out of doing that.
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