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"Happy Days?"

First, a mead update. I transferred it to a secondary fermenter where it should sit for at least a few more weeks. The gravity has come down significantly, so the alcohol content should be pretty decent. I tasted it, and the first impression was, "Mmmm! Ginger ale!" This would make sense since I did add slices of ginger root when I was brewing it (see tigerman I had some ginger yesterday *grin*). It should be tasty!

And now my pseudo rant. As I was doing things in the kitchen, the t.v. was droning on in the living room. After the news "Access Hollywood" came on. I really couldn't believe my ears! I never watch the show because I could give a rat's ass (sorry tenax) about Hollywood. They were treating the whole Janet Jackson thing like it was 9/11. They even had a press conference with the FCC! WTF! Are we that Puritanical of a society? Then the show talked about important celebrity news like who showed up where wearing what dress driving what car. What made me sad the most was that there were probably millions of people sitting in their houses actually giving a damn. Their lives really depend on who will be the next American Idol.

I then took my thoughts one step further. What period of time in the past are we most resembling today? Since history repeats itself and tends to run in cycles, where are we now? The best I could come up with is the early 50's although possibly the 30's. We have a war going on that has seemed to stagnate and is slowly taking a back seat just like Korea. We are still practicing "duck and cover" techniques except we're now doing it at our airports when we take off our shoes and allow strangers to paw through our stuff while cargo is loaded on the plane unchecked. And this whole J. Jackson thing smacks of the game show scandals. About the only difference in the 50's is that it was a prosperous time. I think our present economy is more like post-depression 30's.

Just the ramblings of a bear.
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