Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Mama Drama

The visit with Mom was going great until Wednesday. I drove her to her doctor's appointment in the morning and expected a quick return home. Mom had been coughing for several days, and her doc was concerned that pneumonia might be creeping back. She wanted a chest xray. So I drove Ma to the hospital to have it checked out. The xray looked clean, but the ER doc heard wheezing in her lungs. Her doc got the word and immediately checked Mom in. Great. Sis and I held down the fort at home. Yesterday we had hoped that she would be discharged. There was still some wheezing, so no go. This morning she finally got the green light to go home. I suppose everything worked out in the end. It was definitely a "better safe than sorry" thing, but I guess when you're 86 it's best not to take chances. At least we had a lot of time to just sit and talk which was the main point of the trip anyway. I just wish there would have been more time at home and not in a hospital room. I should be back home sometime Sunday.
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