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Desert Snow

We were supposed to get hit by a MAJOR WINTER STORM the other day. I was looking forward to at least a few inches to throw the city into chaos. Well, as it turned out we got zilch, nada, bupkis. The mountains received a fair amount, so that's good for our water situation. Overall, however, we still remain in a drought.

I shouldn't say we received absolutely nothing here in the city. There were a few snow showers that lasted for a brief period of time. What was interesting about the storms was that they were just like the thunderstorms we get in Summer. It was beautiful to see a column of white looking like an inverted mushroom cloud as the snow spread out as it approached the ground. I was even caught in a squall while walking Anubis. I watched the volcanoes on the horizon disappear under a curtain of white. Slowly the landscape in front of me began to get hazy. Soon I was able to distinguish swirling masses of snowflakes advancing like a sandstorm from "The Mummy. Finally I was enveloped in a cloud of dancing snow. Within 5 minutes it was over. And that's the most snow I've encountered while walking this year. Such is the way it is in the desert.
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