Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Memorial Day Furmeet

I knew Monday was Memorial Day by all of the "dead soldiers" on the kitchen counter. On Sunday we had another epic furmeet. It was another one of those spur-of-the-moment meets when someone innocently asks, "Hey! Is there any plan for Memorial Day?" and we respond with a "Sure! Furmeet at Fur Central!" We ended up with around 40 folks. At one point I think there were even 4 fursuiters running around. Me? I was too busy being grill master. The hero of the day had to be scritchwuff who brought over a whole bag of mint from his garden as well as a bottle of bourbon. I think over the course of the evening about 3 gallons of mint juleps were consumed. Judging from my near-empty 1.75 liter bottle of Jack Daniels which had been full at the start of the meet, I would say that 3 gallons is a fair estimate. It was a perfect start to the Summer season!
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