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Last week Kitty and I watched "The Hobbit" for the first time. We were both pretty disgusted by Peter Jackson stretching the book into 3 movies. 3 LONG (most likely) movies. I decided that I would take a stab at reading "The Silmarillion" which is somewhat of a prequel to the whole Hobbit/LotR saga. I had heard it was a very difficult book to read (ever since high school). How hard could it be? Here's is my take on the writing:

In the land of Kbjisdhrus lived the Hhsidsj who were the chosen people of Hujsdubsu the great god of fire who was also known as Fziehfrslhe by the Desdrihrek who lived along the river Gavwkyjs at the foot of mount Dsihyrea which was also known as Cuedrbkserg by the Wndfukdg who lived in the northern forests, guarded by the Gates of Wgsfukdl which were constructed in the Pass of Vsuhrghjkz.

I should have added a whole bunch of names of leaders, kings, queens, princess, warriors etc to make it more complete.

It's one thing to build a universe and to make it as believable as possible, but to just constantly spout off names of places, peoples, gods, creatures, etc. is just plain boring. It would have been better, IMHO, to just tell a gripping story in the universe and then fill in the details as you went along. I know the work was pretty much an afterthought, but it could have been done so much better. I'm only a fraction of the way through the book and I'm surviving by glossing over all of the details. I just want to get to the part which goes into detail about the forging of the rings.
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