Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Fish Killer

Oh hi, LJ! A week without a post?!? OMG!

There just hasn't been all that much to post about. Work this week has been wonderfully hectic. My type-A-personality-micromanaging boss has been in training all week. I'm actually able to do the job I get paid for! I just can't wait until next week when she's back and I have to spend time getting her back up to speed on all that has happened. The biggest news has been our decision to start the drying of the river 2 weeks early. There was much hand-wringing and calls to legal council as to what our position should be. Finally we got the go-ahead to start reducing our flows. On the whole everything went according to plan. The only bad news was that many of the little fishies didn't follow the receding water and got stuck in pools which then dried up. It seems that the initial drying action killed several thousand fish of all sorts including a handful of the endangered ones we have been trying to protect. Ooops. Oh well. Raccoons and herons gotta eat too. After the initial drama everything else seems to have settled down. The news for maintaining river flows in the future continues to be very grim. Everyone keeps asking me what to expect, but things are SO bad that it's really unexplored territory. The next crisis point will be in just under a month when the irrigation district runs out of water. Then we have to provide water to Indians only and keep as much of the river flowing as possible. Joy! We only have to do that for FOUR MONTHS! Piece of cake!
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