Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

AlbuFURque '13

Yesterday was the 11th annual AlbuFURque furmeet at my den. This year we topped 70 people. Most people hung out in the yard trying to beat the heat. I had installed a misting system which helped greatly. zippiner brought an inflatable kiddie pool which also got some use. At one point one of our famous dust storms kicked up which sent everyone scrambling inside. Fortunately it only lasted a few minutes. Mesa stayed outside for the party and was not happy with all of the strangers. He did focus on one fur who was wearing wings. Mesa kept trying to bite him in the butt. It was definitely an alcohol-fueled event. scritchwuff once again brought over a huge bunch of mint for juleps. We killed a 1.75l bottle of bourbon. Someone else brought an Everclear watermelon, and Kitty made a bunch of coconut/pineapple rum Jello shooters. Oh yes. Many people were feeling no pain by the end of the evening. Several people also called Rolf on the porcelain phone. Since I recycle glass and aluminum, this is what the kitchen sink looked like this morning.


Once again there is talk about moving to a hotel, but could we get away with that at any hotel?
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