Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Cable Wars

I guess I'm old skool when it comes to some technology. I like being "wired" in terms of having a secure connection. We still have a phone land line to the house and we still have cable t.v. Sure, I could switch everything to my cell phone provider and go totally wireless, but I still like that umbilical cord. The downside is that it does cost an arm and a leg to do so. The other day I got the latest bill and saw that they had jacked my rate up by over 10%. Every time they have done that in the past we have deployed the "Dish Defense." As soon as the cable company mentions a rate increase we use the simple phrase, "Hmmmm. I think we'll switch to Dish." Boom! The price falls dramatically. We actually DID go to Dish a few years ago. We were amazed at how many antennas popped up in our neighborhood. We were equally surprised at how quickly they disappeared a year later. Kitty is a pretty good negotiator. They offered us a pretty good rate, but she pushed it and had them throw in Showtime for the same price. It was a tossup. HBO has "Boardwalk Empire" but Showtime has "Dexter." *shrugs* So we're still paying a bunch for convenience, but much less than before. I know we could probably survive just fine with Netflix and maybe Hulu Plus, but for now we'll just stick with what we have. Besides...I own a little stock in Comcast.
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