Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

4th of July Fursuiting

I think it would be safe to say that hundreds of people were out fursuiting on the 4th. Probably 99% of them, however, were in Pittsburgh. In ABQ there were 6 of us at Balloon Fiesta Park for the City's big fireworks show. This was another one of those sweet events where we were actually asked by the City to be performers. Ah! 10 years of hard work paying off! Our contact even got us an air conditioned changing area which was not optimal, but far better than a tent or the back of our vehicles.

The temps were in the low 90's when we hit the crowds. We just parked ourselves near the vending area on the edge of the massive field. It was then 2 hours of non-stop hugs and pictures. Since it was a family event, there were LOTS of kids. Overall I'd have to say that it was pretty fantastic. I kept myself hydrated and evaporative cooling worked quite well.

The original plan was to change and then watch the fireworks, but our changing area was a small tower which overlooked the entire park. We gazed out at the sea of humanity and decided to just get the hell out. The number of people still arriving was also incredible. My weather radar also showed a thunderstorm heading for us. Yeah. Time to bail. Kitty, myself and another handler retreated to Fur Central for some pizza. The storm was a bust, but the lightning was better than any fireworks display.
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