Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Yotie Invasion

Last weekend Fur Central was overrun with coyotes! scruff_e_coyote and tkcoyote to be exact. TK was on his way to the Midwest to possibly start a new life out there and Scruff was accompanying him as far as ABQ to also spend some time with Kitty and me. It was a short but sweet visit. I grilled up some steaks on Saturday night and we just chilled outside. On Sunday we drove up to Santa Fe to have some lunch and walk around the city. Poor Scruff was whining when he saw all of the tourists/vendors/performers in the Plaza and wanted to get out there and fursuit. OK. I'll admit it. So was I. We got back home just in time to take Mesa for his walkies. It turned into Extreme Dog Walking, however, as some of the biggest thunderstorms of the season came rolling in and we were up there exposed on the mesa. We got back in time, however, and enjoyed the light show and the downpour. On Monday morning one yote went east and one yote went west while Kitty and I went to work. I wish TK lots of luck finding a job and perhaps settling down. And I hope to spend time with Scruff at the Grand Canyon in Sept or Oct. Hanging out with yoties gets addicting! *grins*

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