Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


I'm usually good when it comes to getting tasks done. I see a problem, I fix it. Sometimes, however, I might procrastinate about a project because it might seem too hard or be potentially filled with drama. Once I do it, however, I usually find out that the task was simple and kick myself for not getting it done sooner. One example was a gate into my yard. When I moved in 14 years ago, it was free access into the yard. Not a good situation if you had a dog (Anubis). I quickly went to Home Depot and bought the supplies. It was a little involved since I had to set the main posts into concrete. Soon I had a nice wooden gate and the yard was secured. Fast forward to this year. After 14 years of battering winds and jerry-rigged latching mechanisms, the gate started to look like hell. Planks had been literally ripped from the frame as the winds torqued on it. It was time to replace all of the boards.

Motivation was very high in Spring. Kitty and I went to Home Depot and bought the boards, hardware, and stain. One weekend we both went out and stained all of the planks. Apathy started creeping in, however, when I went to put on a touch-up coat. The apathy deepened as temperatures rose. It was much nicer to spend Saturday morning inside with a cup of coffee and a movie. By the time I was ready to work, it was too hot. Oh well. Next weekend! This went on for a few months. Finally on Saturday I was out in the yard and something snapped. I grabbed my tools and attacked the gate. In just over an hour I had the job just about done. I finished up the next day. So now the gate has been replaced and I have that sense of accomplishment. And typical of how things have always been, I now look back and say, "What was I thinking?!? I could have had this done MONTHS ago!"
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