Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Office Space

One sure way to kick a hornet's nest in an office is to propose a change in space. If you have a generic cube, you have little to lose. When you have a nice office with a window, you have a lot on the line. Such is my predicament. Over the years I have built up seniority in the office, at least in tenure if not in grade. I started off in a cube, worked up to a cube with walls, then an interior office, until now I have a nice window office. Those types of spaces are usually reserved for those of a grade 12 or higher, so me with my lowly 11 is considered an outlier. On the other paw I celebrate my 22nd year with the gov't on Friday, so I'm becoming an "old timer." I really don't understand why they have to cause such an upheaval with moving people around. I guess management figures that change is always good. Someone brought up the very valid point that we don't seem to have money to provide for raises or bonuses, but we have money to buy new furniture and tear out walls. Oh! But that's from a different pot of money! *headdesk* I have been given an opportunity to share a big corner office with a co-worker (who's a grade lower than me with more seniority) but he's being a big baby and complaining about losing some square footage. He still hasn't figured it out that EVERYONE is being forced to downsize since some clown in DC has specified that offices be no bigger than X and our offices are X+Y. So we shall see what happens. There is a big push towards more open space and common areas which everyone seems to agree is a recipe for disaster. If I do end up with an inside cube again with little privacy, I think I will start eating more beans and cabbage with every meal.
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