Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Bubonicon '13

Furries once again made another effort to reach out to the local sci-fi community by hosting a party at our local con. This con has been around for almost as long as I have been alive! It primarily targets the literary side of the fandom with this year's GoH being the author of "Game of Thrones." Meh. I still can't get into the show. Maybe I'll give it one more try if we switch to HBO from Showtime after the conclusion of "Dexter." Anyway...Kitty and I got a room for Saturday night. I bought a bunch of booze and mixers and hoped for a nice party like we had a few years ago at this con. The results were very lackluster. Even the Star Trek party (which had a wall of booze that would put some bars to shame) reported disappointing attendance. *shrugs* At lease one new fur showed up who was happy to have found us.

The con itself was just ok. I like sci-fi but am not a huge fan. I felt more at home at the comic convention which seemed to have embraced more of the overall geek culture. The art show was pretty good. I was surprised to see that the Carspeckens had a panel of art. Yay! Furry is going mainstream! I did a little suiting as HD and had a lot of fun entertaining a few kids. There was a news crew set up and filming, but I missed the news that evening and I can't find anything online. *shrugs*

One interesting encounter we had was during breakfast at a place near the hotel. One older-looking guy commented "I'm one too!" as he pointed to my "Human-Animal Hybrid" shirt. That started a conversation which lead to one more person finding out about the local community. Score!

We're thinking about hosting a Labor Day furmeet on Sunday to help get rid of some of the booze we had purchased.
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