Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

New Mexico...Purple State

Three cheers for several county clerks across our state who had the courage to allow same-sex marriage. New Mexico was one of only 2 states with no laws on the books either stating marriage can be for everyone or only between a man and a woman. This vagueness allowed clerks to make up their own minds especially after a judge ruled that a gay couple could get married. Some people see this as the judiciary overstepping their bounds, but I see this as something like I posted about yesterday. You can't turn over the rule of law exclusively to the people. I'm sure some counties in southern states would like to see a ban on inter-racial marriages. It ain't gonna happen. We elect and appoint people to do the peoples' bidding in a fair and legal manner. Since there was no law one way or another in this issue, a judge made the ruling based on laws of the land.

It certainly is interesting living in this state. At the same time gay marriage is being accepted, there is a petition against "late term" abortions (a red herring if you ask me) which has just garnered enough signatures to either be voted on by the city council or perhaps go to voters. There are a lot of liberal voters in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos, and Los Alamos. There is a large Hispanic and Indian population which tends to vote liberally, but at the same time the Hispanic vote is largely Catholic which tend to be conservative, especially on things like abortion and gay marriage. We have a Republican governor, but she gets grief from her party for being too liberal. She would be an interesting opponent to someone like Hillary, but that would never happen.

I find the political middle-of-the-road to be a refreshing place to be. There doesn't seem to be the extremism that is found elsewhere. Hopefully that will attract more people to this state. We're at the bottom of a lot of "good" lists and the top of a lot of "bad" lists, but hopefully we'll keep our overall "live and let live" attitude. If nothing else we're the home of "Breaking Bad." That instantly makes us cool!
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