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Return of the Chat Slut

Well, nobody took me up on my offer to eat me. *sigh*

I did get to eat overzen during a chat last night while wipeout_ut watched. I said something so sweet to the coon that he melted. Well, I'm like Homer Simpson. You just can't pass up free goo. So I slurped him down. *pats belly* Oh yeah. That's good raccoon.

I was pounced by way too many folks last night. And they were all so talkative! Usually someone says hi and then posts every 5 minutes. Not last night. I was pulling my fur out chatting with so many wonderful folks. And I had no idea that there is only a 4 hour time difference between NM and New Zealand. O.K. It's 20 hours ahead, but I like to think that it's only 4 hours behind (plus 1 day).

Anyways....another "major winter storm" is hitting the state. Yeah. Everywhere but here. Go snowpack! Give us at least a NORMAL Spring runoff.

Oh! And a *paw wave* and a "HULLO!" to justincheetah who must have found something interesting in this bear's ramblings. I'll hopefully get to meet you IRL at MFM or MFF. *HUGS*
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