Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

My Own Grand Canyon

While I was at the Grand Canyon with Scruff, there was a minor disaster at Fur Central. On Saturday night a massive thunderstorm rolled over Albuquerque dumping hellacious amounts of rain across the city. Our neighborhood became Ground Zero for the most damage. Kitty called me yesterday morning telling me that our neighbors had a massive mud/sand slide rage right though their backyard and house and into the street. She sent me pix from her phone and the damage was incredible. Fur Central took a little hit in that the small gully in back of the house flowed into our yard a little bit. It's nothing compared to what our neighbor experienced which was nothing short of complete devastation of their backyard as well as flooding through their house. Most of the damage is attributable to the construction that is taking place up in the mesa. I took pics of their so-called erosion fence which had been completely destroyed by an onrush of water from all of the bare soil they had created.

One good thing was that the small channel I had dug several years ago appeared to have helped a little bit in diverting some of the flow from my yard down to a channel which empties out into the street. I plan to go out there and fortify my civil engineering works this weekend to insure that any future rain events will pour out into the street and not into my backyard.

About the only "severe" damage to report was Boot Kitty's grave which I had carefully lined with stones is now completely buried in sand. I shall let it be.

Here are some pics of the damage.

Fur Central is on the right. There is a diversion channel to the left of the neighbor's house. That's where flood waters SHOULD go. Note the downcutting was about 4 feet.


The "delta" of sediment which was deposited in back of Fur Central.

These are the massive channels carved through the sand of the mesa which eventually flowed into the neighbor's house.


Here is a close-up of one of the channels. Kitty for scale.

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