Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Calm After the Storm

Things are finally quieting down around here. The Rio Grande and Pecos are slowly coming down although I heard on the news that there was a flash flood last night about 80 miles north of here on the Rio Chama. It must have been a side arroyo because the Corps of Engineers was only releasing 250 cfs at the time.

Two weeks ago we were looking at a very bleak picture for water, both this year and next. Now there is at least a glimmer of hope. Santa Rosa Reservoir got more than 70% of the average spring runoff (March-July) in about 4 days. During this year's runoff it saw almost no inflow at all. Talk about saving the day!

My co-workers filled me with stories about the chaos that ensued last Friday when I was away. It looked like ABQ could see some potential flooding with projected inflows exceeding channel capacity. Fortunately the flows weren't that high due to the fact that the USGS simply didn't have accurate data for flows that high. Even the mayor and chief of police got onto our water ops conference call to see how dire the situation was (or was not). On Monday I tried to get on the call (while at Scruff E's) but was denied because too many people had tried to sign on. By Tuesday, however, things had calmed down and we were back to business as usual.

My poor neighbors have begun the arduous process of cleaning up all the sand and debris in their yard. I don't know if they're getting help from the City or the contractors that caused the mess or whether they're tackling it on their own. I did my own civil engineering project the other day and now (hopefully) have all of the potential flow sources that could impact my yard directed toward the small opening to the street. I talked with my neighbor and he will help me dig a channel to insure that any flow goes away from our properties and into the street. He had heard the same thing that I had heard that any attempt to go through "proper channels" will be met with bureaucracy and red tape with a smattering of denial of responsibility.
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