Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Washing My Paws

There was another meeting with the neighbors last night to talk about possible legal action against the company doing the construction on the mesa. After the meeting I am officially washing my paws of the whole thing. The whole thing has turned into a bunch of angry people tilting at windmills. My lawyer neighbor spelled things out to the group and essentially said between the lines that we don't have a snowball's chance to win based on what we have now. There is a whole group that wants to file a suit based on health claims. They say their respiratory systems have been compromised due to excessive dust. While there WAS a lot of dust blowing off of the mesa in spring, this is New Mexico! Dust in spring is a way of life! I just threw up my paws when talk turned to getting the CDC involved. Someone would have to compile a shitload of medical records, do a statistical analysis, and hope that a cluster of cases pops up within a few blocks of the construction and not anywhere else around the city.

I also can't stand that we have a drama queen in the group who has to tell stories every time we meet about how this is making her life a total nightmare. Last night it was a little worse in that another group was invited to join us, but their concerns were totally unrelated to ours which just muddied the waters (no pun intended) even more. I'm also totally pissed that every time I try to interject some science either geologically or hydrologically, someone has to say something contradictory. OK. Fine. I'll just take my master's degree and go home while you go back to Wikipedia.

So I'm going to do whatever I can on my own. I'll write our representatives. I'll document things the best I can. I'll do my own preventative measures to protect my own property. Life will go on.
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