Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

"Dexter" - Series Finale

One of my favorite shows over the past few years has been Showtime's "Dexter." I stumbled across it several years ago when there was a free Showtime promotion. I came in somewhere in season 2 and had no idea what was going on. Wait. He works for the police and yet he's a serial killer?!? I decided to rent the first season on Netflix and then everything made sense. He only killed people who had escaped justice but who were 100% guilty of their crimes. Sounds like a great premise! I was instantly hooked. I rented all of the following seasons. The writing was a little inconsistent, but was usually pretty darn good. I didn't realize what a pop culture "hero" Dexter was until I saw a bunch of series-related stuff at our local comic book show. I was sad to hear that this season would be the final one. Oh noez! What would happen to this beloved anti-hero. Fortunately we now had Showtime so we could find out without having to wait for Netflix!

I must say that the series' finale left me flat. There were several ways I saw the show wrapping up, but not the lame way which it did. Seriously?!? Faking your own death and just going off to assume another identity?!? That left so many issues just hanging out there. It was completely unsatisfying to me. It's like the writers had just lost all of their creativity. I must also say that this was probably one of the worst seasons out of the 8. Giving Dex a love interest just completely ruined the feeling of the show. There were also some technical details that I just could not overlook. So there's a massive hurricane rapidly approaching Miami. Here is Dex out on his boat in the middle of the ocean, and it's nearly calm. WTF?!?

So the show is now over and I was left with a bland taste in my mouth. *shrugs* Time to keep enjoying other shows like "Game of Thrones" and "Walking Dead." I also hope that the series finale of "Breaking Bad" on Sunday will be a whole lot better. I have no doubt about that.
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