Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Face of the Furlough

So if you're one of those people out there that says the government shutdown hasn't affected you nor do you know of anyone who it has affected...not any longer! I got the call from my supervisor yesterday saying that my status has been changed from "annual leave" to "leave without pay." I am one of the so-called "non-essential" personnel you have been hearing about. In previous years I was deemed "mission critical" since my job is the core function of my agency. This year my supervisor is now Wonder Woman who will do all of the functions of water operations. She did say that I may be called in next week to do all of the shit that she is not capable of doing. Go me! I think in the 14 years that I have worked in this office, I have had a supervisor only about 75% of the time. The other 25% of the time I just carried on the functions as normal. The river keeps flowing even if there is no manager to oversee things.

So am I pissed? Meh. Had I not been on vacation I might have been a little more miffed. I'll just put the vacation time I would have used back in my leave bank and use it next year. As for loss of salary, that's what emergency funds are for, kiddies, and why it's so important to have money in your savings account. The house is paid for. We're entering that magical time of year when both the furnace and air conditioning are off. The yard/garden doesn't need much watering. So it's a time of year when bills are low. In other words it's a time when not having money coming in is not as big a deal.

If I am pissed about anything, it's, of course, the assholes in Washington. Both sides are to blame to some degree, but I will lay the blame mostly on the fucking far right wing. The Affordable Care Act is LAW. You lost years ago. DEAL! It's trying to give something to the American people. It's not trying to take away rights like you like to do when it comes to marriage and women's health. It may be flawed, but at least it's better than people going broke because they can't afford insurance and corporate healthcare might lose some of it's billions of dollars in profit. Just solve one fucking problem at a time. You do NOT represent a majority in any way, shape, or form. This is coming from a fiscal conservative. I will jump aboard your ship of fools if you want to do some REAL spending cuts with REAL changes to the tax code. Until then you are all just blowing hot air. Oh, and this is not endorsing the president. He lost all of my respect when he took the bi-partisan report on how to fix the economy and essentially threw it in the trash. Everything inside of the Beltway needs to be nuked from orbit.
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