Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


Last night I spent several hours with my old college roommate of 3 years. We hadn't seen each other since I acted as the best man at his wedding 18 years ago. We sort of lost touch since he was living in Sweden with his wife. They're now back in the States and living in his parents' old house. It was great to reconnect with him after so much time. We got along so well in college during our first semester that people thought we had gone to high school together. Overall we had a pretty awesome college experience together.

He now has 3 kids and is living the suburban ideal. Both he and his wife have PhD's in physics and met while working at CERN in France/Switzerland. I was hoping that they would produce some pretty high-quality offspring, and it looks to be the case. His 10-year old son is in advance placement classes and is reading Shakespeare. When I arrived at the house, the boy and his twin sister were in the basement watching "Dr Who." Yes! Future geeks! The older daughter has a thing for polar bears, so I showed her my Costco card with Nevada's picture on it. She freaked. Next time I visit I will have to show up in suit.
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