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Well, with the last couple of posts you're probably wondering what's up with all the vore stuff. Well, I am one of the weirdos that enjoys it. Not the blood gushing and body parts everywhere type stuff. More like the cartoony Bugs opens up Tasmanian Devil's mouth and critters come pouring out. I've had this "fetish" ever since I was little, like pre-high school. I had a dream where I was eaten by a giant duck. Yeah, that's right. Instead of being afraid of the "monster" I was actually quite aroused. I never feared monsters in my dreams after that. The nightmares shifted to showing up for class without the critical assignment.

Anyway...I thought it was a very weird thing, just like being furry. Imagine my surprise when I went to my first con and saw vore art. Wow. So yet another thing that I thought was too weird to mention is out there with a following. Did I mention that I like to look at pictures of Janet Reno wearing a leather teddy while I stand in galoshes filled with creamed corn? THERE! I bet I'm the ONLY one with that fetish! *LOL*

So yeah. bearknight's little RP yesterday got me hot. So did a little session on chat last night with another. It's something that's hard to explain. Obviously you can't do it IRL because you'd sorta have to die. Not a good thing. Although if I had to check out, I suppose going mano a mano with a griz would be the way I'd want it. It would be like a bullfight. You know the bull doesn't stand a chance, but you watch anyway. I also want a bear burial. Why should the worms get all of the good stuff. Leave me out in the woods for the bears. Wolves and coyotes also invited. It's kinda the ultimate way to become truly furry. You will nourish another creature by your own body. I first heard about Tibetan sky burials back in college. I thought the concept was neat. The body is cut up and fed to vultures and eagles so that the spirit will be closer to Heaven. They also told us about it when I visited Tibet a couple of years ago. For a very graphic re-enactment, see the movie "Kundun" about the life of the Dali Lama.

O.K. I rambled on enough about a subject that might have squicked some. Sorry. What can I say? I'm a furvert. *giggles*
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