Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


So I attended my 30-year high school reunion last night. I must say that it was a darn good time. I reconnected with my buds and got caught up in all of their lives. One or 2 looked exactly the same as they did 30 years ago and some looked absolutely nothing like they did back in the good ol' days. It was a very laid back party at an Irish pub. It certainly was much different from the more formal 10-year event.

The one thing that kinda freaked me out was how my classmates perceived me. I always thought I was something of a pragmatist. I saw myself as a scientific type who always thought logically and acted geeky. It turns out that everyone thought of me as a free spirit who did whatever the hell I felt like. I was seen as a rebel who followed my own path. I guess I kinda see that, but here I thought that I never let my creative side out until I discovered furry. Oh, that topic came up a few times, and everyone thought it was kinda cool. Someone mentioned they had met Peter Billingsley during a performance of the stage version of "A Christmas Story" and I blurted out that it was cool and I actually had a pink bunny suit. No one was surprised. I also was happy to hear an old friend consider me as "Mr New Wave." I told him that his music tastes greatly influenced me during the early 80's. He was surprised about that. He then turned around and surprised me by saying that, up to this day, every time he hears a Eurythmics song, he thinks about me.

It was also great to hear about all of the stuff I completely missed while in school. The cheap and easy girl who seemed to have done every guy but me. The guy with a liquor store in his locker. The other common theme I heard throughout the night was, "It's amazing the shit we got away with!" or "How did we not end up in jail?!?" I have fond memories of doing donuts on the football field with the parents' car after a major snowfall. I pulled out of the school grounds just as the cops showed up. There were many stories about drunken parties and much substance abuse. And this was at a Catholic high school!

So my appetite for nostalgia has been satisfied for perhaps another 10 years.
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