Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Robert Plant

Back in August of 1983, my college roommate (the one I posted about last week) and I were walking through "Campustown" taking in all of the sights as a new school year was about to begin. There were all sorts of sales and specials to welcome students back to campus. We walked past a tent that had a plant sale going on. Hey! Our dorm room could use a little greenery to brighten the place up! We bought a plant and brought it back to the dorm. We then decided to give it a name. Seeing that MTV had been playing the hell out of the video for the song "Big Log" from the just released album "The Principle of Moments" from Robert Plant, ex-Led Zeppelin front man, we thought Robert would be a good name.

Fast forward to last weekend. I went down into my mom's basement (not to play on the Internet) and lo and behold...Robert lived! I'm not sure when he came home from college, but he was then taken care of by grandmother and then my mother. He spent the winters in the basement and the summers out in the yard. He had become huge! Since my mom couldn't wrestle him from the outside into the basement any more, I decided to give him a new home in ABQ. He barely fit into the back of my SUV, but he now resides on the patio for at least the next couple of weeks. Then I will find him a resting spot inside for the winter.
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