Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Balloon Glow

Kitty got mad at me because I posted about making biscuits and not about the fun we had last night. OK. So you get 2 posts from me in the same day.

Last night we attended a balloon glow as part of Balloon Fiesta. A balloon glow is when they inflate balloons, but keep them tethered to the ground. They then make the flames bright yellow to illuminate the entire inside of the balloon. It's a wonderfully "eerie" event where there are dozens of glowing hot air balloons all around you.

We decided to go to this event this year because Kitty's employer has an office about a mile away. They provided free parking as well as a free hot dogs and hamburgers. It certainly is a challenging event to photograph. You have to constantly play with your exposure settings to get any decent shots. Here's one of my favorite balloons of the evening. Oh, and there was a pig balloon inflated right nearby which was totally unrelated, but the irony was extremely funny.


PS...If any of you ever want to attend Balloon Fiesta, be sure to ask Kitty and I for crash space. I noticed that even the Motel 6 is charging $70/night during this 2 week period.
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