Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Epic Party

We had an early Halloween party at FurCentral last night. I think Kitty counted a total of 50 furs that showed up. I decided on the theme "Spookghetti" so I spent the first part of the evening cooking up pasta, sauces, and sausage. Everyone else came through in a BIG way by bringing tons of pies, cakes, and other foodage. Many thanks to sophie_manx for bringing "litter box cake" complete with Tootsie Rolls (and if you're a cat owner you could appreciate the one melted roll hanging from the edge of the box.) Yes, there were many jokes about being in Uganda and eating da poo poo. The liquor flowed freely throughout the night. I provided the Newcastle Werewolf Ale and Kitty and eaglem16 provided the pumpkin pie liqueur. The gallon of milk in the fridge was supposed to be for my cereal next week, but most of it went to making "Caucasians" (for those of you familiar with "The Big Lebowski." White Russians for those of you not.) So now it's time to head out for some hangover food i.e. huevos rancheros.
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